Welcome to self space

I came up with the concept of self space, to encourage anyone anywhere to make time for yourself.

I first discovered my first yoga class when I was living in Sydney Australia. I saw this photo on this fantastic woman in a pose on the beach, she  looked so serene and at peace in this tangle up posture…. I was intrigued!!

Quickly, I became addicted to this practice, it left me feeling taller… more supple and most importantly it kept my mind balanced! We all struggle with mind balance….. we have to deal with so many thoughts on a daily basis and never give our mind time to rest nor do we exercise it.

I discovered after a short time the more I did yoga, the more happier I felt with my myself, my decisions and my life.

After gaining 11 years of experience, last year I took the plunge to be an educator myself.

In February 2017, I did my RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teaching qualification) In a wonderful school called Green Yoga, In Goa, India. It was better than I could have ever imagined. Immersing myself with like minded people from all over the world. We had different journeys getting there but we all had the same love for yoga.

The reason I chose to go to India is because I wanted to learn about where yoga originally came from.

During the 4 weeks and an intense 200 hours, I had learnt so much, the chants the food, the mediation and the way of life. In India……they are yoga. It’s not just and exercise it a way of life.